Zwick impact testing machines

Available from Zwick is a comprehensive selection of impact testing machines, including pendulum impact testers and drop weight testers. The machines are designed for a wide variety of plastics and metals applications and their energy range is from 5.5 joules (pendulum impact tester) to 100,000 joules (drop weight tester). Zwick impact testing machines are also available in instrumented versions. For temperature conditioning of impact specimens Zwick can supply a conditioning bath and magazine.

Pendulum impact testing machines 

Pendulum impact testers

Impact tests are short-term tests which provide information on the failure behavior of materials or components subjected to rapid loading and at varying temperatures. The instruments used for these tests are either pendulum impact testers or drop weight testers.


Drop-weight testers 

Drop weight testers

Zwick drop weight testers can be used for drop weight tests on plastics or metals and for pre-damaging fiber composites for CAI tests. Standardized drop weight testers specifically designed for the various applications can apply different impact energies and velocities as required.


Rebound resilience tester 

Rebound Resilience

The Zwick 5109 rebound resilience tester is available in two basic versions for different applications and standards.


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